Ravenna M1 BFAs are now back in stock.

B.A.R. 1918A2 BFAs are also now back in stock from Ravenna.  Combine these with the MkII B.A.R. short blank magazine adapter you will be able to overcome shortages of long .30-06 brass for your B.A.R.  (Blanks will be back Wednesday we promise.)


We will open up sales of most large rifle calibers next Tuesday last thing before we walk out the door.  

We have upgraded Mk II B.A.R. magazine short blank feed spacers and they are in now and available.  More projects in this line are in the works. 

Catch-up time right now - and things are looking good to be on track with previous timelines. Next week we will  go into how to convert your M1 Garand rifle to German plastic 7,62x51 effectively and safely.  There is more to it than most understand..  
Have a great weekend. The leaves are starting to turn. Go outside and enjoy the fall weather.


Price increases of 34% were added to the large rifle calibers.   
In response, we have changed most products to packaging to the reenactor market.  

What we have done is left the .30-06 to the 90 count reflecting the 88rnd load out +2.  The calibers that were used in bolt action rifles have been reduced in size and price to 70 blanks per package reflecting a 65 rnd. load-out +5.

Large rifle calibers should return mid-late next week once production catches up.


We have kept pricing as low as we could for as long as we could. Many of you will see significant price increases in large calibers.  SMG, 5.56 and most pistol caliber blanks are not increasing in price at this time. More information later. Most large caliber items are out of stock as of now but will begin to return to stock over the next few days.


At this time we have put the 2 week delay notice back up.  Please plan accordingly. We don't expect the delay to last for for a long period and expect normal lead times by early winter. We have all 12 robots up and running for the first time since 2019!

Right now a phone call will get you the fastest contact with us.
We have updated product descriptions as clearly as possible. you faster service than e-mail.


Captains log, star date.....

We will be updating this section  Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from here on out since our Perma-Ban from Facebook.  What did we do? We posted a photo of a 1914 WWI French Hotchkiss machine gun that we were helping a customer blank adapt. It isn't as if any French weapon has hurt anyone! (Joking, 2 of us here reenact WWI French)

Facebook is toxic platform so maybe they did us some good.  This topic is now covered and we won't bore you with it again.

We have work to do, more updates tomorrow!