Golf Ball / Can launching / GRENADE SIMS

Here you will find a selection of blanks specifically designed for launching projectiles from rifles or other objects,

Our golf ball launching loads are proof tested by professional charity golf ball launching groups (Yes, they exist) for various ranges.

Golf ball loads area a tricky thing.  The hottest loads will give you the longest range, but the least accuracy.  Temperature, humidity and altitude will also effect range. 

We tested over 400 loads for the can launching rounds to find a load that is safe for the shooter and one that will not explode the can in the tube. Please be careful, you are launching about a 5,600 grain projectile about 950 feet per second with a pop / soda can.  

Our grenade launching blanks are duplicates of Military loads and should be treated the way they were intended to be used and never used with a blank adapter. There are a lot of grenade sims out there. Some cheap and fragile, some are the real deal - be safe, be smart.  We don't know what you are launching so safety is on YOU!

Please use these products sober, watch your muzzle and have fun!

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7.62 M.U.L. Duplicate Blank
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