Do you guys have / make live ammo?
No we sell ONLY blank ammunition and accessories.

I am using your blanks for business purposes (film/ theatrical use) in Ohio.  How do I avoid paying state sales tax?
Please call you order in with the information we need to make you tax exempt. 
Do you have XYZ caliber?
If it is not listed on the web site we can make it.  Please contact us for availability.

What is “BFA”?
BFA is used in two ways. BFA stands for Blank Fire Adapter. It is a device that traps the gases from the blank to cycle the action.  Semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons need this device to function.  Most weapons will fire without the BFA installed but will require the action by cycled by hand for each shot. BFA is also used to denote the size of the orifice needed to release the proper amount of pressure to safely cycle the weapon.  Ex. .187 (3/16) BFA recommended means that the opening in the blank fire adapter should be .187 inches or a 3/16 drill bit size.

Will the recommended BFA sizes be the exact size I need for my weapon?
The short answer is – sometimes. The number is based on testing, customer feedback, known comparisons and generally averaged out. The number is a recommended safe starting size for most weapons.  Most of the time the number will be right on or one drill bit size away from the right size for your weapon. Sometimes when there are too many variables the number is omitted or larger than required for safety.

Do I need a BFA for my bolt action / revolver?
No. Observe standard stand off range for safety at all times though.

How close can someone be in front of me when I shoot?
Never fire your weapon directly at someone.

In reenactments the minimum safety range is generally 15-20 yards. Even at that range people have been injured so always keep this in mind. The professionals get paid big money to do this on TV.  Leave the short range stuff to them.

Do you use any wad or is there any projectile from your blanks?
Some of our blanks such as those made by Winchester do have wads. 99% of our rounds are crimped and only the concussive muzzle blast will exit the barrel. This does not mean it is safe to discharge the weapon at short range.

Can I shoot these off for the 4th of July or New Year celebrations?
Maybe. Discharge of a firearm in city limits does not specify ammunition type. Only discharge of the firearm. Check your local laws.

Would your blanks be good for home defense?   That way I could shoot at someone and not kill them, just scare them away.
No, “warning shots” will often get the shooter in trouble with the law, but generally any time you are justified in pulling the trigger, it isn’t time to have a blank in the chamber.

I live close by, can I come by and pick up my order to save on shipping?
No. We do not have a storefront.  For the safety of our staff and customers there will be no sales at the shop location.

Are your blanks corrosive?
Very few are and those will be Eastern European Military surplus or "Cowboy" loads . If the rounds are corrosive they will be marked as such.

Can you ship by expedited air shipments?


Do you ship to Europe etc.?

At this time we do not. We are working on export capabilities though it is a slow process.