We are former military, shooters, hunters and former re-enactors of over a dozen impressions. (With a bunch of "B" movies and music videos in the mix)

After years of not being able to reliably find quality blanks, or get them in a timely manner, we started Atlantic Wall Blanks in 2003.

Our beginning was in WWII re-enacting and lets admit it; WWII Reenacting revolves around the Normandy Campaign and D-Day in particular. With that in mind, we chose "Atlantic Wall Blanks" as our name. It was more of an inside joke at the time but over time the name stuck.

Having made the jump from consumer to producer and retailer, we kept in mind all the things that drove us crazy about our expediences in buying blanks. Our focus is on taking care of you the customer through clear, honest, friendly communication, a personal interest in solving problems and delivering a high quality product in a timely manner.

Treating you the way we would want to be treated has earned us a reputation as "the guys that will take care of you."

Being the "Go-To" guys for blanks has evolved into other product offerings, filling the needs for many police agencies, ceremonial units, sport, film and even to the U.S. and foreign Militaries.

We use what we make. We rely on our products just as much as our customers do. We personally use our products at reenactments, in movies, training with the local police, supplying our children’s sports teams, and gun training our own dogs. We are hands on with our product how it is really used out there by you - not just in a quality lab.

Knowing that our customers often have last minute needs and quick turn around, we do our best to have over 200 different cartridge offerings in stock for quick shipping and are just a phone call away for all your support needs.