We are former military, shooters, hunters and former re-enactors of over a dozen impressions. With a bunch of  movies and music videos in the mix.

After years of not being able to reliably find quality blanks, or get them in a timely manner, we started AW Blanks in 2003.

Our beginning was in WWII re-enacting.  That moved on to other time periods....WWI, Vietnam, Indochina, modern warfare, etc.  Police training then came along as well as animal gun training.

For those interested, we portray:
- WWII Soviet infantry, WWII Imperial Japanese, 
- WWI Imperial German, WWI French Territorials, 
- Vietminh,  NVA, (North Vietnamese Army) 
- Modern U.S. Army

We are a primary supplier for the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Army Spirit of America Program, and many police departments (sometimes portraying the active threat in their training) and Ceremonial groups such as VFWs, American Legions, & Am Vet. We have  supplied much of the Australian film industry even things as unique as supplying the Mexican Navy and South Korean Army with specialty blanks.  We are the calibration OEM for many Shot Spotters in many cities and have helped solve a few violent crimes with the use of our products in court.

Having made the jump from consumer to producer and retailer, we try to remove the difficulty in buying blanks with clear descriptions for non-experienced customers. Our focus is on taking care of you the customer through clear, honest, communication, a personal interest in solving problems and delivering a high quality product in a timely manner.

We use what we make. We rely on our products just as much as our customers do. We personally use our products at many of these functions.  We depend on them as much as the customer does.

In 2003we started in an 11x13" shed.

By 2020 we have moved up to an 80x80" custom designed manufacturing facility (plus a warehouse space).  Most in-house items on made on fully automated machines custom built by major manufacturers for our special needs.  We have designed custom machines for reforming work that allow us to form cases in ways that others can not. Often resulting in a lower cost product that can be produced more quickly than others.

If you have a question, give us a call.  We will take as much times as needed to help you out.