5.56 KURZ (9.3 Compatible blank)

5.56 KURZ (9.3 Compatible blank)

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200 Per bag

Blanks made for all former SS Room, new N.J. Sekela, Indianapolis Ordnance, and  Dun-Rite Armory  Blank Fire Only Non Gun SMG's.

Long considered to be the best round available for the BFONG's of all types - we have fully tested in all known BFONG models for reliability. (PPsH-41, PPs-43, STEN, Thompson, Mp-40, M-3 "Grease gun")

This blank is also used by many in modern 9mm pistols as an alternative to the 9x19 blank ammo.

We have used these in factory Glock 17 & 19's, SIG P228, & Beretta 92 pistols.  

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